Geocoding API Methods

API methods for finding a geolocation (x,y) for addresses.

Important Note: matchAddress returns the name of the address grid system for the address. For example, "matchAddress": "10420 E Little Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City" means that the address is part of the Salt Lake City address grid system. It is neither within the boundaries of Salt Lake City proper, nor is that the preferred mailing address placename.

We have compiled a group of samples in various programming languages showing how to use this API. Please look, learn, and contribute new languages if you are able. Also check out the great writeup of our web api.

Get /geocode/:street/:zone

Street and Zone

Returns the geocoded address location.

Get /geocode/reverse/:x/:y

Reverse Geocoding

Returns the reverse geocoded address.

Get /geocode/milepost/:route/:milepost

Route and Milepost

Returns a geocoded milepost on a route.

Get /geocode/milepost/:x/:y

Reverse Route and Milepost

Returns the closest route and milepost to the input coordinate.


SGID Info Methods

API methods for general SGID informational querying.

Get /info/FeatureClassNames

SGID Feature Class Names

Returns a list of feature class names from the most current SGID.

Get /info/FieldNames/:featureClass

Feature Class Attribute Names

Returns a list of attribute names for the feature class.

Get /info/FeatureCount/:featureClass

Feature Count

Returns the number of features in a feature class.

not implemented